‘I want to support artists’: Iowa Artisans Gallery highlights local artists in its Second Sunday Series

Iowa Artisans Gallery is a home for Midwestern and local art in Iowa City, and the next artist the gallery is spotlighting in its Second Sunday Series has deep Iowa roots. Painter Gordon Kellenberger lives and works in the Amana Colonies, where his family have been part of the community for four generations. Kellenberger’s pastel paintings are rich in color and usually feature Midwest landscapes. […]

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New tour and augmented reality app explore Ana Mendieta’s Iowa City

Artist Ana Mendieta came to Dubuque in 1961 at age 12 as a refugee from Cuba. She discovered her love of art there, navigating junior high school with limited other means of expression (her English was not yet good). But it was in Iowa City where her signature brand of bloody, violent and boldly feminist artwork was honed. She earned both a BA and an MA in painting as well as an MFA in intermedia at the University of Iowa, studying under Hans Breder, intermedia program founder who passed away last year. […]

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Exhibition provides a glimpse inside Iowa prisons

An ongoing art gallery displayed in the Little Village Iowa City office challenges society’s conceptions of people living in prisons. “A Glimpse Inside: Art Produced in Iowa Prisons,” which will be on display through January, is a collection of works produced by Iowa prisoners, including many from the Oakdale and Mt. Pleasant facilities. […]

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Opening Reception Friday for Lucas Underwood

Opening Reception for Lucas Underwood: Grappler Little Village HQ — Friday, Dec. 9 at 5 p.m. Little Village is pleased to welcome the latest exhibit to our offices (623 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City). For the next month, we will be hosting Grappler, by Lucas Underwood, the third artist to brighten up our walls. Grappler, […]

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A farewell to Stone Pharaohs

Phil Ochs' Stone Pharaohs

Closing Reception: Phil Ochs’ Stone Pharaohs Little Village HQ — Friday, Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. Drawings and paintings by local artist Phil Ochs have been on display at the new Little Village office since its opening in December. The series, Stone Pharaohs, depicts buildings in the Iowa City area that either are slated to […]

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