An Instant Pot recipe* so easy, even you won’t screw it up

By the Condescending Cook** This is where I tell you a personal story about my time in NOLA,*** how it profoundly changed my understanding of what living free truly meant, and where I mastered the alchemy of turning meaning and memory into nutrients and flavor.**** Now, this being an amateur***** cooking article, this second paragraph […]

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Recipe: Instant Pot sesame chicken for two, when going out is just too much work

Try this romantic Instant Pot stay-in style sesame chicken for two (since you’ve both progressed long past fighting for elbow room in oversold, prix fixe seatings, but you don’t want the local delivery since they’ve been to this address three times this week and it’s only Wednesday and yes they totally notice hence the passive-aggressive number of plastic flatware sets they’ve been assuming with your order).

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