Idris Goodwin on Little Village Live: 4/21/10

Playwright, break beat poet and hip hop educator Idris Goodwin takes us to school on the 4/21/10 edition of Little Village Live. Little Village Live is 5-6 pm every Wednesday on KRUI, 89.7 fm in Iowa City, or streaming live at Idris Goodwin’s latest album, Break Beat Poems (out now on Chicago’s SGE Records), […]

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Idris Goodwin: Break Beat Poems

Local Albums: April 2010 – Back in the day–1979–Hawkeye basketball star Ronnie Lester was a hip hop ambassador. Ronnie took his boom box everywhere , playing “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang nonstop. It was, to Iowa ears, something strange and alien, and yet irresistible. Idris Goodwin’s track “Isiah Thomas Camp” took me back to […]

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