LV Recommends: Kalona Creamery’s new ice cream

When the beloved Kalona Cheese factory, which closed in 2014, reopened as the Kalona Creamery in 2017, my excitement was focused on the return of cheese curds. The curds are set to be brought back later this year, thank the dairy gods, but the creamery has more to offer. On April 21, Kalona Creamery debuted their line of eight hard ice cream flavors. […]

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Crafty: I scream, you scream


A sweet friend recently shipped me some Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream all the way from Ohio as a belated birthday gift and end of summer treat. Three pints of different flavors showed up on my doorstep on top a slab of dry ice and made me one happy gal. Since its arrival, I’ve been hiding […]

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