Saint Motel tour stops in Iowa City

Saint Motel Gabe’s — Saturday, Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. Saint Motel, an indie-pop band based out of Los Angeles, performs at Gabe’s this Saturday. Their hit single, “My Type” has been at the top of US and UK charts and possibly on your TV screen, as it was part of the FIFA ’15 video […]

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Get loud with Jucifer at Gabe’s

When I was a child, the heaviest and loudest thing I had ever experienced was a 4th of July show put on by the Air Force. That was until I saw Jucifer at Gabe’s this fall. Jucifer, a wife and husband doom-metal duo that travels the world playing shows, returns tonight to Gabe’s and on first listen, they may sound like a bunch 747s in a blender. But that description belies the complexity of the band. Jucifer’s music ranges from songs like “Amplifier,” smacking of the alternative rock of Eight Arms To Hold You era of Veruca Salt, to the ambient soundscapes featured on on their latest release, За Волгой для нас земли нет (“Beyond the Volga There is No Land”). […]

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