Bloated Kat punk fest brings Meat Wave, others to Gabe’s

Bloated Kat presents Bloated Saturday, featuring Meat Wave, with Lifestyles and Younger

Gabe’s — Saturday, Aug. 20 at 12:30 p.m.

Video still from "Brothers," by Meat Wave. The Chicago punk act will headline Bloated Kat Records' Punk Fest at Gabe's on Aug. 20.
Video still from “Brothers,” by Meat Wave. The Chicago punk act will headline Bloated Kat Records’ Punk Fest at Gabe’s on Aug. 20.

This Saturday, Dallas Center, IA’s Bloated Kat Records descends on Gabe’s Iowa City with a huge swathe of its roster along with some guest phenoms for the first ever Bloated Kat Punk Fest. Tickets are $15 for the entire day, running from 12:30 p.m. until 2 a.m. Sunday. Thirty bands from across the country will be performing; see below for the full list.

Chicago punk trio Meat Wave (Chris Sutter, Joe Gac, Ryan Wizniak) headline the event, bringing a frenetic and addictive sound to Iowa City. Their show is both part of the festival (and accessible with festival passes), and a stand-alone show, with separate tickets available. Fellow Chicagoans Lifestyles support, along with Iowa City’s own Younger. This portion of the evening starts at 9:30 p.m.; separate tickets are $7.

Meat Wave’s latest record, Delusion Moon, came out last September — as promised by its warped but reverent Pink Floyd-homage cover image, the album features the band’s compelling ability to diffract a punk sound through a weird psychedelic haze.

Full Festival Lineup

Be My Doppelganger — Evansville IN
The Blendours — Des Moines IA
Closet Witch — Muscatine IA
ConeTrauma — Iowa City
Dingus — Minneapolis MN
The Emersons — Rochester NY
Harsh Times — Davenport IA
Hate Your Friends — Denton/DFW TX
The Headies — Wilmington DE
Hospital Job — Springfield IL
House Boat — New York, NY
Indonesian Junk — Milwaukee WI
Jail Bus — Iowa City
Jokergas — Iowa City
Kowabunga! Kid — Champaign IL
Like Bats — Chicago IL
Lord Green — Omaha NE/Quad Cities
Maiden Mars — Iowa City
MEAT WAVE — Chicago IL
Mikey Erg! — New Jersey/New York
Rational Anthem — Iowa City
The Ridgways — Omaha NE
Seattle Fucking Supersonics — Tallahassee FL
Starry Nights — Iowa City
Thunderbolts — Lincoln NE
Tong Po — Quad Cities
Turbo Lover — Columbia MO
The Wilderness — Chicago IL
Younger — Iowa City

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