How can you be blue when serviceberries hang in the trees over your head?

Have you ever tried a serviceberry? I hadn’t, until this past Arts Fest weekend. My friend said she picked a gallon of serviceberries in downtown Iowa, and pointed out the trees replete with magenta berries growing on Iowa Avenue. “They taste like a blueberry, but also kind of like a cherry,” she said. I picked […]

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New Oyster Cult: Mushroom foraging in the IC area

Early each spring, on sunny days when the oak leaves are still as small as squirrel ears, the “cult of the morel” emerges: Iowans, poking around south-facing slopes for the prized mushrooms. But morel hunting can prove frustrating. A day’s hunt may yield only a handful of undersized mushrooms, and prices for morels can exceed […]

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