A-List: Bruce Campbell’s new book charts the second phase of his career

Actor, director and writer Bruce Campbell has crafted a career out of a certain kind of off-beat character. As an actor, he doesn’t disappear into a role, but rather imbues each with an almost ludicrous uniqueness, a deeply specific sense of self. This kind of interplay between the fantasy and reality of his existence is a perfect precursor to his alternate career as a memoirist.

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Review: BiRDMAN LiVE offers Antonio Sanchez’s grounded, in-the-moment musical reactions

Birdman Live, which came to the Englert Theatre on March 1, features Antonio Sanchez playing drums to the movie Birdman — which makes sense, as he was the composer and performer for the score, which is one of the only scores to feature drums. Before the movie, Sanchez offered a short biographical account of his […]

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Get ready for some Blues & Boogie Woogie


Chase Garrett’s Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Stomp Englert Theatre, Nolte Academy, Sheraton Hotel — Nov. 13-14 Chase Garrett’s 6th Annual Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Stomp is back in Iowa City with two days full of blues, jazz big band performances and a new boogie woogie dance workshop at Nolte Academy. The festival will […]

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