Dan Hutchison’s Sump Pump Records is a hub for metal acts, DIY artists and vinyl nerds

Along with its wild abundance of musical talent, Iowa is also a treasure trove of top-notch record labels. As someone with a passion for lifting up local artists, I’ve been obsessed in recent years with discovering just what confluence of events has put all of these talented and discerning folk in positions to do just […]

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Political and personal strife fuels Closet Witch’s ferocious, ‘therapeutic’ shows

Of all the hardcore bands and DIY power violence outfits to emerge from Eastern Iowa in recent years, few have been able to channel sheer anger and emotion as effectively as Closet Witch. Forming a little over five years ago, the band is characterized by their aggression, both onstage and on-record. Guitarist and primary songwriter […]

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Iowa City doom trio Aseethe signs with Thrill Jockey

Photo courtesy of Aseethe

Iowa City doom metal trio Aseethe have signed with Chicago-based record label Thrill Jockey to produce their upcoming 2017 record. Guitarist Brain Barr, bassist Danny Barr and drummer Eric Diercks have been cutting records and performing their ambient sludge metal in the Midwest for nearly ten years. This is a big deal right? From a […]

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