DJ Spooky’s ‘Explorer I Remix’, featuring sounds made by Van Allen radiation belts, will premiere at Witching Hour

DJ Spooky’s new Explorer I Remix emerged from a collaboration between this visiting artist and a group of University of Iowa scientists, musicians, librarians and archivists. It will celebrate the 60th anniversary of a satellite launched in 1958 used to discover Earth’s radiation belts (known as the Van Allen belts in honor of UI scientist James Van Allen). […]

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Interview: DJ Spooky speaks today on Creative Matters

Creative Matters Lecture Series: DJ Spooky Art Building West — Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 5:30 p.m. Paul D. Miller has been doing this for years: Visiting campuses, educating, instructing, discussing the creative process and providing an experience are all a little day-in-the-life for Miller, who has recently entered into a year-long creative relationship with the […]

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