How will the new texting while driving law be enforced, and what are your rights?

Driver's Ed

It’s been called a texting ban, but the new law impacting Iowa drivers and their phones goes beyond just texting. As of July 1, drivers are prohibited from viewing “images visible on the screen of a hand-held electronic communication device” including texts, instant messages, emails, games or websites. Viewing GPS information, as well as emergency traffic and weather alerts is still permitted. […]

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Letter to the editor: Cell phones threaten driving safety

By Jason B. Lassner Two recent events suggest that we Iowans are serious about addressing the scourge of cell phone use while driving: a 12-0 vote by the Iowa Senate Transportation committee in favor of making it a primary offense and Governor Branstad’s support for requiring the use of hands-free technology. I don’t believe that […]

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