Is disability a universal experience? The Obermann Center’s 2019 symposium asks provocative questions on disability and identity

“A lot of people couldn’t do what I do,” Steve Oulman says. “I survived so many surgeries when I was a baby, and I’ve had bad bedsores. Just living in this body makes me a badass.” He self-styles as OCG — the Original Crippled Gangsta — which he had embroidered on a hat along with a pot leaf. “I got bullied and called cripple so much in junior high school that one day I said, ‘Screw it. I’m just gonna make this me.’” […]

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Nine disability friendly businesses in Iowa City to visit this holiday season

Here are a few suggestions for feel-good holiday giving from Seen & Heard, a new community integration project run by Systems Unlimited, which works to increase visibility for people with disabilities in Iowa City. Every single day since the project began in August, we’ve been out meeting with community leaders, enjoying Iowa City’s cultural opportunities […]

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Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program celebrates 50th anniversary

It’s a quiet morning in the Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program’s (MYEP) main building. Just a few staff members and service recipients were doing crafts and chatting in the colorful communal areas. That’s because most members of the Adult Day Program — which serves over 60 individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities — were out exploring the Iowa River Landing. […]

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