Artist Jordan Weber explores the intersection of climate and racial violence in collaboration with Cedar Rapids museums

Jordan Weber first began meditating when he was a junior in high school, with visions of professional basketball in his future. He read the book Sacred Hoops by long-time NBA player and coach Phil Jackson, which in turn led him to seminal Western practice text Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. “I was extremely lucky to find […]

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Mirrorbox invites drive-ins for humorous, heartfelt, thought-provoking production ‘The Parking Lot’

Picture this: Several strangers gathered around in their cars, watching a married couple go through the pros and cons of a relationship on the verge of divorce. No, this isn’t your weekly trip to Walmart or your neighbor’s driveway — it’s the Mirrorbox Theatre production of The Parking Lot. A socially distanced, pandemic-proof theatrical drive-in […]

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Heaviness in Mirrorbox Theatre’s ‘Orange Julius’ lightened by absurdity and human connection

‘Orange Julius’ is not a traditional family drama. It’s not a traditional play, for that matter. Many shows are fairly linear and logical in their progression — the story and action build up to a climax and then have a denouement clarifying the resolution and final thoughts. But this one feels pretty cemented in “dream logic.” […]

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