‘This fight isn’t over’: Iowa City’s student-led gun reform movement, one year after Parkland

Before news of the shooting in Parkland, Florida started to spread through City High on Feb. 14, 2018, I was mostly worried about the flower I was giving to my newly minted boyfriend, Theo, for Valentine’s Day. That’s what my teenage life feels like: Every little thing is the decision of a lifetime, until something […]

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‘What do we want? Safety!’: Iowa City students protest political inaction in the wake of school shootings

On Monday at 11 a.m., students walked out of classes at two Iowa City schools, City High School and Southeast Junior High School, in response to the mass shooting at a Florida school last week and failure of politicians to enact effective gun laws in the wake of previous school shootings. […]

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The Hops: Cleaning up Kinnick

The sun has yet to rise but the full moon still hovers over the western horizon. Its pale light illuminates the trash strewn parking lot behind Kinnick Stadium. Cars dodge garbage bags and piles of disposable plates; the crunch-crunch of stray cans and plastic cups under their tires echoes across the lot. A dozen people, […]

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100 Percent

Henri Harper filled a difficult position at Iowa City’s City High School for the last 11 years as the juvenile court liaison, helping students transition back into the classroom after personal and legal problems instead of letting them become part of a drop-out statistic. But in December 2007, after a series of fights at City High, Harper realized that his official post at the school wasn’t enough. Along with students, their parents and community support, Harper started the Fas Trac College Bound Program–originally consisting of six black students but eventually growing to more than 40 students from all backgrounds.


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