Grassley team responds to poll dip

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s slipping ratings were dismissed this week by a spokesperson from his office, Beth Levine, who said the numbers were “[s]elective leaks from a partisan group with a partisan agenda… The White House and its paid political activists are trying to manufacture interest where it’s clearly not a defining issue.” The poll was […]

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Chuck Grassley defends his Clinton email probe

Sen. Chuck Grassley had another highlight reel week. He continued to defend his Hillary Clinton private email investigation, won an award, and mulled his travel options for the Republican National Convention (RNC), to be held Jul. 18 – 21. Regarding his Clinton email probe, he responded to criticism from Sen. Harry Reid who questioned Grassley […]

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Trump takes credit for Sanders’ Iowa surge

Donald Trump told a packed house in the Muscatine High School gymnasium that “Bernie Sanders is surging” because of the billionaire’s attacks on Hillary Clinton. Some polls show Sanders edging out Clinton in Iowa. “I was the best thing that ever happened to Bernie Sanders because my attack on Hillary, all of a sudden she […]

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