Show Review: Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade @ White Lightning Wherehouse — 5/21/2011

Carnival Hearts & Arts Collective, a local collective of artists, held their biannual “parade” on Saturday. However, imminent rain forced the event out of the adorable Happy Hollow park and into the White Lightning Wherehouse. Vendors line the walls of this rambling, cavernous space. The event has the feel of a souq, of a community market in the ancient kasbah of Tangier, or of the mystery of London’s Borough market. The Carnival Hearts & Arts collective has an authentic–and almost ethnic–subcultural atmosphere, a collective of tattoos, funky chic, librarian eyeglasses, and wry smiles. […]

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Mission Creek 2010: 4/2/10 (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Friday night was another epic evening in Iowa City. Unfortunately there isn’t much here yet from the early short sets from 6-8 pm, Dawn’s at Dusk. This was actually a highlight of the evening. about 10 different acts, each doing a ten minute set, often with no set up in between, this was a very […]

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