‘The entire universe’ is in TCR’s ‘Ada and the Memory Engine’

“…0 to 1. The entire universe is in their difference.” There is a whole world just waiting to be discovered and brought into being. There is spectacle in the unsuspecting. Complexity in the simple. An incredible potential for reality in the conjured. And sometimes, things happen to come into being because of a brilliant young woman who’s work languishes behind the scenes of a world maintaining the order of men. […]

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Something to sing about: Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre receives NEA grant

Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre announced earlier this month that it had received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The $15,000 grant supports the company’s April world premiere of a commissioned work titled ‘The Grant Wood Operas: Strokes of Genius.’ The piece consists of three 30-minute operas each inspired by the work of Cedar Rapids artist Grant Wood. […]

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Play in verse ‘There Is A Happiness That Morning Is’ masterfully presented

The day after Bernard (Matthew James) and Ellen (Angie Toomsen) are caught making passionate love on the college green, they are informed they must apologize publicly for their display or face termination. The play opens when Bernard takes the stage, lecturing on the ecstasy that is Blake’s poem “Infant Joy” from Songs of Innocence; Ellen’s final class centers on “The Sick Rose” from Songs of Experience. Both characters spend the bulk of the the play connecting the poems to their lives and their 20-year long relationship. […]

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