Cedar Rapids City Council backs Cargill’s plans for a rail yard in Rompot neighborhood, despite opposition from residents

The Cedar Rapids City Council unanimously approved amending the city’s future land use map and rezoning the land near the Rompot neighborhood and Prairie Park Fishery, bringing Cargill one step closer to realizing its plan to build a 200-car railyard. […]

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‘Don’t do this’: Rompot residents protest Cargill’s plan for a new Cedar Rapids rail yard at City Planning Commission meeting

A closely divided Cedar Rapids City Planning Commission (CPC) voted on Thursday to recommend approval of Cargill’s plan to build a 200-car rail yard along Stewart Road next to the Rompot neighborhood and near Prairie Park Fishery. The vote came at the end of a nearly four-hour meeting, during which many Rompot residents spoke out against the plan. […]

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Cedar Rapids City Council kills a proposed Cargill rail yard through inaction, but the company isn’t giving up on the project

Mayor Brad Hart said the proposal to allow Cargill to build an 18-track railyard would be the “most controversial decision” the Cedar Rapids City Council has faced in the last year and a half, but that decision never happened. The council never voted on the proposal that would have declared the rail yard an “essential service,” when it was […]

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