Astrology Forecast: June 2013

Astrology Forecast

FOR EVERYONE—June’s chart tells us we have arrived at a new starting point. The period of testing and preparation are over. A time of difficulty is ending. There’s always a catch, though. Fulfilling the opportunities opening before us will mean squaring our personal circles, or doing something we have always wanted to do but never […]

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Astrology Forecast for January 2013

FOR EVERYONE—Everything is shifting and it will continue to do shift for the foreseeable future. Most of it is for the better. But this constant shifting leaves us to adjust, re-adjust and adjust again. It’s all about fine tuning. As we develop new relationships and old relationships evolve, we need to keep close track of […]

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Astrology Forecast for August 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ This is not a test. August brings a tumultuous blend of powerful but conflicting influences. People will be overstimulated and wired. But they will need to think things through calmly and carefully. They will need to address urgent, long-term challenges while they are facing urgent, short-term challenges. At the same time, events […]

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Astrology Forecast for September 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Revisions, inspiration and determination. September brings a welcome continuation of the *relative* calm that began in August. The big, life changing disasters have stopped happening. The momentum has gone out of many initiatives, too, as we experience delays, postponements and second thoughts about our plans for the future. There will be no […]

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