Aesop Rock’s flawless delivery enthralled fans at the Blue Moose

I walked into the Blue Moose on Monday toward the end of Sandman’s set, listening to him close with what sounded like a prayer before prefacing the onset of Aesop Rock, whom he compared to Mozart as the pinnacle of creativity in the twenty-first century. Although I had never attended a rap performance before, I […]

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Aesop Rock takes the stage at Blue Moose Jan. 9

Aesop Rock Blue Moose Tap House — Monday, Jan. 9 at 7 p.m. San Francisco-based rapper, producer Aesop Rock takes the stage on Monday, Jan. 9 at Blue Moose Tap House. Tickets are $18-20. Known for his high production, dark humor and sobering vulnerability, Aesop Rock’s flow and lyrical prowess guarantee a show that will […]

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