Student learns the hard way not to leave personal items in personal space

Campus Police
The police complaint report is available here. — photo by Stephen Cummings

Picture this: You’re sitting in your dorm room, doing college dorm stuff, when suddenly there’s a knock a the door. It’s the cops, and they’ve come for The Drugs! Except you don’t have any drugs, or at the very least, you’ve gone to great lengths hiding them and feel comfortable enough inviting the police in to investigate.

Such is the case with 18-year-old Jane Doe, a University of Iowa student currently living in Quadrangle Hall (a great place for relaxing, unwinding and calling the police on your floor-mates). In the early hours of Monday, November 11, University of Iowa Police responded to a report of “suspicious activity,” otherwise known as “icky pot smells.”

“Upon investigation, the distinct smell of marijuana was detected coming from inside the room,” according to the police complaint report. Authorities entered the dorm with Doe’s permission, however, which she gave for good reason: There was no marijuana to be found, despite the aforementioned “distinct smell.”

And it seemed like such a sure thing, too. But never fear! While inside Doe’s dorm room, officers noticed a license laying on a desk. Doe admitted that the license had been purchased online (woops), according to the report, and was subsequently charged with a simple misdemeanor under Iowa Code 321.216(3) for possession of a false ID.

So, hey, they didn’t find any drugs, but at least it’s something, right?



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