IYWP Feature: Wavy World

Wavy World
Hashtag Cat | The Fuzzball family pet faces trouble in the red spot. — illustration by Adam Burke
By Madilyn, Student at Horace Mann Elementary

Courtesy of the Iowa Youth Writing Program (IYWP)

One wavy day in Wavy World, a happy fuzzy family with their pet Hashtag Cat were going on a UFO trip to Swirly town to meet mayor Fuzzy. On the way there, they found some weird metal thing sitting by the mayor’s office. They wondered if it was a meteor or something else. They went down there to check it out. It was actually an alien that tried to attack the mayor. They took out their high tech cell phones to call 911 and no one answered. They were all freaked out and went back into their UFO and flew back home. Fuzzball is the dad of the family. Sarah is the mom. Aron is the older sister and Mia is the baby. Robby is just the brother. And he is the third wheel. And the aliens were the crab people.

All the waves in Wavy World collapsed into a bunch of waves because planet Neptune landed on the purple wave. Without Purple, the people of Wavy World did not have happiness but it is okay because they have happy lives.

Meanwhile, back to the Fuzzball family, they went into their UFO’s refrigerator and found a cherry. Fuzzball gave it to Mia the baby and then they saw the crab people right behind them. The Fuzzball family threw avocados at them and then the crab people’s UFO crashed into the ground. And luckily there was only one crab people UFO. Once the family arrived to their home, Sarah went down to the house and grabbed the other UFO they had to drive with Mia and herself. They had to be split up so they would be safer. They gave everyone high-tech phones to call each other if anyone was in trouble. And then Robby kept talking and talking to Fuzzball but this caused them to go off course. Fuzzball wanted Robby to leave him alone but it was already too late.

Planet Neptune and the purple wave collapsed and exploded into a bunch of pieces of mass. Wavy pieces of mass. They were happy that they grabbed enough grapes from the purple spot of Wavy World before this happened. And then they tried to go the orange spot and get oranges. They grabbed enough oranges to last a month, but they knew they would run out eventually. So they were going to wait a year to get more. They also got some apple juice to save Mia a drink if she got cranky. Since the crab people live in the red spot of Wavy World, when they went to get apple juice and cherries, they killed all of the crab people and had enough crab dinner to last a year.

Then, they went to the yellow spot and grabbed a bunch of lemons and other stuff. Like pineapples too. Then they went to the blue spot of Wavy World to get fresh water. They then also got blueberries and blue raspberries. The Fuzzball family also got their favorite drink! Blue Slushies! That’s how Fuzzball people cool down. Whenever they get mad, they drink slushies to cool down their nerves.

Hashtag Cat was meowing for help because it was still in the red spot of the Wavy World. So the Fuzzball people go back to the red part to get roses and pomegranate. But most importantly get back Hashtag Cat. Hashtag Cat was fighting a bunch of crab people all by herself with a light saber. They got Hashtag Cat and then put all their food and drink into the UFO and got more roses and pomegranate. Then they went to the white spot and got milk and coconuts from the Wavy Trees. The Fuzzball’s had a radio in their UFO and then listened to the Fuzzies on the radio. Then they went to the green spot of the world and got avocados, carrots, green apples because they are all Robby’s favorite snack.

Then they went to the brown spot of the world and went camping and stayed there for the night. The family had a bunch of camping equipment in their UFO to last the night. They slept there one day and there were no crab people there so the Fuzzball family was safe. But they all had swords to keep them safe just in case.

The bright moon was dangling over them. Like someone was playing with a yo-yo. Soon, they would go to Swirly World to take the swirls because of Planet Neptune’s crash with Wavy World. They wanted to replace the broken Waves with Swirls from Swirly World.

When approaching a Swirly person, the Fuzzballs waved to say hello and the Swirly person screamed and floated away. Robby said that that was super mega weird and the whole family of Fuzzies were weirded out and creeped out.

When they got back into their UFO, they had Swirly World radio stations and then they heard the song, “Everything is Awesome” by The Swirlies. They went back to Wavy World and then replaced half of the lost Waves with



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To Be Continued…

The Return of the fuzzies: The sequel

It was not a swirly day in Swirly world. The swirls that the Fuzzballs took really removed much happiness. The People of Swirly World sent a message to the Fuzzball people telling them how upset they were. The Fuzzballs were really scared and even Robby started to freak out. Fuzzball decided to build a machine on Minecraft World to give to the Swirly people to make things better.

Minecraft World was created when the Fuzzies replaced the lost waves with Swirls. This caused a chain reaction and turned their beloved Wavy World into a beautiful new place they called Minecraft World. They could build anything and everything was 3 dimensional and squarish.

Fuzzball started building the machine, GET SWIRLY 5000. They went through the mines to find silver. While looking for the silver, they ran into the perfect source of gold which was much better than silver. Fuzzball and Robby took their pickaxes and smashed as much gold as they could to bring back. They used the gold to finish up building the ultimate GS5000. Fuzzball finished the machine and then headed back to Swirly World to give the upset people of Swirly World the machine. They all rejoiced in happiness because now they can make as many swirls as they wanted to. The Swirlies and the Fuzzballs decided to throw a huge party to celebrate. They all brought avocadoes, carrots, and pineapples to make the best frozen fruit smoothies. Also, they wanted to make the Minecraft World’s favorite, Blue Raspberry slushie. While this party was happening, a mysterious UFO appeared. It was not the Fuzzy people’s or Swirly People’s. They all thought it was the dangerous crab people and it was! The Fuzzies and Swirlies pulled out their golden swords as the UFO landed and waged a furious war. The saddest part was that there was only one Crab Person and he wanted to just eat some food. The Fuzzies and Swirlies instantly killed him and then had a bunch of crab meat for dinner.  The Fuzzies and Swirlies from this point on created this day as a holiday and named it FuzzSwirl day, where they all gather and celebrate by eating their favorite foods and killing a Crab Person. The Fuzzball Family went back to Minecraft World and no live happily with a solid friendship with the Swirly People.

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