Steve King brings national attention to Iowa by retweeting a British neo-Nazi

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Rep. Steve King — photo by Gage Skidmore

Like many Iowans, the national media has grown so used to Rep. Steve King tweeting racist, xenophobic or just odd things that it takes a special tweet by King to attract attention. The eight-term Western Iowa congressman managed to serve up such a tweet on Tuesday.

On its surface this tweet isn’t as arresting as his Monday tweet in which he decried a Swedish youth soccer program’s effort to accommodate players who don’t eat pork as a sign of that rightwing fantasy “the Muslim conquest of Europe,” while at the same time promoting Iowa’s pork industry.

(For the record, the Gothia Cup website states: “All meat and sausage dishes are beef, we do not serve pork. Unfortunately we cannot provide halal food.” Also, the Voice of Europe is a rightwing site that is not considered reliable, except as a promoter of Russian disinformation, according to an analysis by the U.S. government-sponsored Voice of America.)

What raised eyebrows about King’s Tuesday effort was who he was retweeting: “a British neo-Nazi, Mark Collett — a man who has, among other things, claimed the porn industry is a secret Jewish plot to destroy Christian families,” as Vox wrote on Wednesday.

Vox was the second national publication to notice King embracing Collet’s tweet. The Huffington Post published an article on King and Collet, before Vox did, quoting from Collet’s appearance in a 2002 British documentary, Young, Nazi and Proud.

“The Jews have been thrown out of every country, including England,” Collet said in the documentary. “Let’s face it, when it happens that many times it’s not just persecution: there’s no smoke without fire.”

Even though the King/Collet combination has already been widely discussed on social media, the Vox writer and the Huffington Post writer both suggest that King will likely delete the Collet retweet once the public at large learns about it. As almost anyone in Iowa could tell them, that’s probably not going to happen.

King is currently running for reelection. On June 5, King won the Republican primary with 74.5 percent of the vote.

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