Stars Over Iowa City: April 2010

Astrology: April 2010FOR EVERYONE: Still on hold. April is yet another in a long string of months when events just simmer. Those in charge, those with responsibility, continue to issue mandates, based on the realities they see at their level. The rest of us continue to comply (I’m tempted to say scramble), and to protect our interests as best we may. At the same time, we all sense that we are crossing a threshold together into a new era. And although we are still dealing with the hard parts of change, we get a real sense of new and exciting possibilities. Still, it will remain clear to all, that a lot of tough choices and hard work still lie ahead.


ARIES ~ Baby steps. You are involved in a complicated and rapidly changing situation. Events are affecting you more deeply than they used to and changing your perspective on life. Your mind is filling up with innovative and unusual possibilities. All this makes decision-making difficult. You should stick to tried and true principles even if it means you can only make a few small decisions at a time. Don’t be distracted by non-essentials or give in to impatience, or frustration. Escape into an unconventional romantic involvement could bring a lot of complications.

TAURUS ~ More options than most. Taurus might be in the same kind of situation that others find themselves in: tough, complicated, confusing and fast-changing. =However, Taurus just seems to have more options. It’s easier for you to make your voice heard. You have more room to maneuver. You are in greater harmony with the powers that be, too. Also, escape into tempting, romantic distractions is not recommended for others right now, but Taureans could find themselves involved in an unconventional relationship that leads to new and attractive possibilities. Wellness issues improve.

GEMINI ~ Standoff. Orders from higher-ups conflict with everybody’s expectations and inclinations. The authorities are mandating change. But everybody else is thinking it’s business as usual. They like things the way they are–just fine. Be aware of the power you have to resolve the inevitable tensions, or to prevent unhelpful confrontations. Many are waiting for someone like you to put their thoughts into words. Choose your words carefully, though. Open conflict is a real possibility. Despite everything, rewarding new relationships and the renewal of old relationships, is a distinct possibility.

CANCER ~ Realism. You are especially sensitive to the growing needs of those around you. You’ll have to find a balance between what you want to give and what you can afford to give. Maybe the best thing is use your intuition and empathy to help others reconcile their expectations with the new reality. This is true on the home front as well. Those in charge can’t afford to be flexible nowadays. But they can help clarify the options. Once past the initial shock, people will be surprised at the new possibilities.

LEO ~ Reality check. Financial and personal limitations are an issue, again. Expectations might have outstripped reality. At the same time, people are pushing for new, innovative and expensive projects. The demands of higher-ups must also be met. Be as realistic, reasonable and charming as possible as you work through the complexities. Distant friends, relationships or well-informed colleagues might hold the key. Resist a tendency toward impatience, with yourself, with circumstances and with others. Channel unconventional romantic urges into safer, creative channels. Summer will bring significant relief from current limitations.

VIRGO ~ Replay. For the next few months, Virgo will have to tolerate the return of certain burdens and limitations they thought had passed. You will find it especially difficult to make desired changes or to follow through on plans for expansion. Personal energies could be low. You will also have to sidestep quarrels and confrontations especially often. All this while changeful events are affecting your interests. The good news is that you are in basic harmony with the powers that be. A lot of things will just naturally go your way.

LIBRA ~ Respite. Librans will get a leg up this month. You will certainly feel the pressures and understand the seriousness of events, but you’ll find it comparatively easy to maneuver as needed. You’ll also find it relatively easy to gain the understanding and cooperation of others and to attract the allies you need. You might also find yourself drawn into unconventional or experimental kinds of romantic situations or using your creative abilities in unusual ways. A tendency to fatigue that might have been slowing you down lately will ease up, for now.

SCORPIO ~ Stirrings. You’ll be very involved, and influential, on the fast-moving surface level of things. Others will respond to your charisma. However, you’ll also have deeper, more important issues on your mind. You are partly responsible for making sure these issues are addressed properly. Your commitment to these issues will keep your mood serious and could easily lead to friction. Attractive but unconventional ideas might tempt you into unwise business decisions. Unconventional romantic involvements are possible, also. Don’t let them lure you into unwise choices in other important areas of your life.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Restlessness. Your current circumstances are getting a bit old. At the same time, unconventional and innovative ideas are pulling you in new directions. Events are loosening your ties to old, familiar surroundings. The unknown and mysterious beckon. However, a tight budget is putting a damper on your adventurous impulses and, truth to tell, something inside is holding you back. It’s best to stand pat and figure some more stuff out, for now. Later this year, when clear, new trends emerge, you will be on better footing with more promising prospects.

CAPRICORN ~ Keep a tight rein. Things will go more easily for awhile. Use this temporary easing to shore up your defenses. You must continue to lay down the law in many areas. Play your cards close to your chest, also, and deal firmly with the opposition. You will also have to curb the enthusiasm of others for appealing but unrealistic projects. Even so, if people will accept your guidance, and keep to the budget, you can achieve some pretty remarkable and innovative things. Opportunities abound, for the prudent, and the patient.

AQUARIUS ~ Clearing. A difficult influence leaves your Sun sign in April. You should find that your moods are generally lighter, your spirit brighter and your health more resilient. It should now be easier to maintain emotional equilibrium. You should find this helpful as events slowly but surely maneuver you into a more active, public role in coming months. You’ll still need to combat a tendency to brood unnecessarily and clear the occasional mental cobwebs so you can see the world more clearly. Higher-ups are more demanding and less flexible.

PISCES ~ Be self-protective. Many positive things are happening for Pisces, planetarily. But another new influence requires caution. For the next four years, you might be more vulnerable than usual, emotionally and physically. You’ll need to exert greater effort to maintain your well-being. Maybe you’ve depended on a thick skin to shield your ego, or protect you from disappointment, or ignored wellness issues because of your robust health or good luck. This new influence will find the chinks in your armor and teach you lessons you need to learn about true strength.