Skeletonwitch live at White Lightning (VIDEO)

Straight out of Athens, Ohio come the harbingers of darkness known only as Skeletonwitch, or something to that effect. The thrash metal group took the stage late Saturday night at the White Lightning Warehouse and, as the following video attests, put on a show that would make any headbanger proud.

Beginning around 6:00 p.m., opening acts by Snow Demon, Black Vacation and Solid Attitude started the night off right. Skeletonwitch then proceeded to suit up and plug in shortly before midnight, driving their own brand of thrash metal straight into the back of each and every attendee’s skull. To aficionados of the genre, the moment was magnificent.

Do yourself a favor and check out the following clips of Skeletonwitch in action, regardless of your own musical inclinations. Metal fans will find plenty to sink their teeth into, of course. Those of different music persuasions will, at the very least, know what it’s like to have a floor seat at an adrenaline-pumping metal fest right here in Iowa City.