Photo Gallery: Skate DSM hosts ollies and kick flips for cancer patients

Skate DSM hosted the Grind for Life Series (GFL Series) at Lauridsen Skatepark on Saturday, May 13.

All ages and all skill levels competed against each other to win the street and bowl competitions while also helping the Grind for Life Organization raise money for cancer patients who need assistance with traveling expenses.

The competitions divisions include:

Adaptive Women’s/Men’s Street, Adaptive Women’s/Men’s Bowl, Women’s Bowl, Women’s Street, Men’s Street Beginners (12 and Under), Men’s Street Intermediate (13 and Up), Men’s Street Open Advanced, Men’s Bowl Beginners (12 and Under), Men’s Bowl Intermediate (13 and Up), Men’s Bowl Masters (40 and Up), and Men’s Bowl Open Advanced.

As skaters landed 180s and ollies, others wiped out on their boards and scooters. A crowd of spectators watched skaters flying high over stairs and seamlessly grind handrails.

Interested newbies can give skating a try at Skate DSM’s upcoming Push Start Beginner Clinic May 28 at 9:30 a.m. If you can’t make that date, Skate DSM has other beginner clinics through Sept. 3 to teach you how to land that cool move that you can’t get out of your head!