Show Preview: Talkdemonic with Skye Carrasco, 2/15/12

Kevin O'Connor and Lisa Molinaro of Talkdemonic, photo by Ben Moon

Talkdemonic w/Skye Carrasco | 8:00pm | $8 General Admission

There is something eerie and compelling about wandering through ruins when the
day turns gray and the earth is still. This is the feeling you get upon the first listen of
Talkdemonic’s newest LP, ‘Ruins’-an amazing concoction of synthesized and acoustic
sounds, melodic viola, and fluttering melodies. Ruins, the fourth album from Talkdemonic
finds the band in peak form. Having honed their craft for nearly a decade, it compiles
everything they’ve learned and the result is a darker, more refined album than those

Talkdemonic “City Sleep” from Alicia J. Rose on Vimeo.

Since forming in 2002, Kevin O’Connor expanded his membership to Lisa Molinaro, whose
novel approach to the viola, incorporates an arsenal of processing pedals and creates large
walls of orchestration. In collaboration with O’Connor’s synthesizers, drums and ability to
play a host of instruments, Talkdemonic has been able to expertly craft sonic soundscapes.
Talkdemonic’s music is characterized by drawn-out crescendos and diminuendos, and
depends on the lyricism of the instruments.

Coining the term, folktronic hop, Talkdemonic has taken O’Connor’s obsession with
instrumental hip-hop and electronic music to new heights. Shortly after their first
release, Mutiny Sunshine, they were named Williamette Week’s best new band of 2005, and
this album has been lauded a classic amongst their fans. Their sophomore album Beat
thrust them into the indie spotlight and in 2008, they came back and released
Eyes At Half Mast, a haunting album that utilizes lush synth layers and groovy drum beats.

Talkdemonic has toured several times nationally and has opened for The National, Clap
your Hands Say Yeah, and Modest Mouse. They will be playing the Englert Theatre
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 8pm, with supporting act and local favorite Skye

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