Show Preview: Mission Creek darlings DTCV (Détective) returning to Iowa City

James Greer, Guylaine Vivarat (pictured) and Chris Dunn formed DTCV in March of 2012. The group visited Iowa City earlier this year for the 2013 Mission Creek Festival. — photo by Richard Sheehan

DTCV w/ Sam Locke Ward, TBA

The Mill – Oct. 1 at 9 p.m. ($10)

Fullerton, California label Burger Records is mostly known for bands that are young, dumb and full of raw, energetic rock and roll music. Just check out their website for their lengthy roster. It’s a who’s who of underground punk, psych and rock and roll bands.

However, on Tuesday, October 1 at the Mill, a band a bit older than your average Burger band (members are ex-Guided By Voices and Useless Keys), DTCV (Détective), will be playing a set of smooth, slightly fuzzed out, dreamy pop music. They’ve been compared to Galaxie 500 and they do have an early Rough Trade sound buried in a couple decades of primo indie rock and nouveau krautrock. Vocalist Guylaine Vivarat certainly channels a bit of Debbie Harry or Laetitia Sadier, as well. But DTCV (named after a Godard film) are seasoned musicians and are doing their own thing.

Based in Los Angeles, the trio formed in March 2012 and has released two EPs, Very Fallen World and Basket of Masks.

Their third release, However Strange, was released on cassette by Burger Records in August this year in conjunction with a U.S. tour opening for Guided By Voices.

But, their new album, Hilarious Heaven, is a slight change of pace for the band. While their earlier recordings tended to venture into classic NYC punk, noise and no-wave, DTCV branches out on the new record, as it “contains free jazz saxophone skronk and possibly a flute solo,” according to their website, plus two songs that surpass the ten minute mark. Recorded with Steve Kille of Dead Meadow, Xemu Records will release Hilarious Heaven digitally sometime this September, and physically in January, 2014. A cassette version will also be released by Burger Records. New wave synths make an appearance on the album, as well as bizarro samples from films, 30-second spaceship synth workouts and straight-up Blondie pop. There’s even a ripping Monk’s cover on there. It’s a lengthy, ambitious album and it’s definitely something to get excited about. See DTCV at the Mill on October 1. Sam Locke Ward opens, and this show has my personal seal of approval.

Enjoy their video for “Streets and the City” from their EP Very Fallen World:


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