Show Photos: Vagabonds, Ernie Hendrickson, Cory Chisel @ the Mill – 3/18IS

Local darlings and lullaby gurus, the Vagabonds, played for us last Friday. There are few bands that can hush the din of a bar on a weekend, but they do that pretty well. They have beautiful voices that capture peoples’ attention even when they sing quiet. They are also talented musicians. Among the three ladies, I heard them charm the violin, multiple guitars, banjo – and Sam even busted out the autoharp for a bit. I highly recommend you catch their next show – and take a sweetheart.

Ernie Hendrickson brought some lighthearted Americana to the stage. His twangy country melodies reminded me more of northern-mountain country than that of the southwest ranch, if that can describe a sound. He charmed me with songs that can best be described as amblers’ anthems – songs about the road and the journeys they facilitate. I hate to make a possibly obvious and cliche comparison, but I hear hints of Tom Petty in his voice, and influences like the Rolling Stones in his melodies.

I had the privilege of also hearing Cory Chisel perform. His voice sounded so familiar to me, though it was the first time I had heard his stuff. Since then I have taken to scouring the internet for more. His songs are heartfelt, dark and genuine, and he plays thick guitar melodies that ebb and fall as he smooths it over with his voice. I urge you to check out some of the stuff he’s done with the Wandering Sons,  in addition to his solo work.  And I like his hat.

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