Show Photos: Railroad Earth @ Englert Theater – 3/29

Railroad Earth and Brighton, MA played at the Englert on Tuesday. Little did I know then, that show was at about hour 8 of my 34-hour stretch of insomnia. I am glad I was still coherent enough at that point to enjoy this group of tenured and talented musicians. I thought I had given myself ample time to get to the Englert, but my gift for running late made it so that I walked into the building, turned my camera on, took a photo….aaand the band was done. Right at that second. So, lucky fans, I am giving you one photo of Brighton, MA with this Railroad Earth photo set. All I can speak for is how great Railroad Earth is, and how familiar the music sounded to me though I had never listened to them before. It was comfortable, good fittin’ music.  It seemed effortless to them to walk onto a stage and just play. The music pulled people up out of their seats and got them dancing in the aisles. It was a lovely sight. So lovely I will even forgive the man who made an inappropriate smart ass comment to me as I left. Instead, I will hope he is reading this and realizes that karma’s gonna get him if he isn’t careful.

Be nice to each other as you are out and about for the rest of this event. This is a celebration. Keep a smile on your face and share the space.

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