Show Photos: Pauly Shore at the Englert, 11/14

Ok, so when I told people I was going to photograph Pauly Shore, the two most common reactions I got were “Who?” and “He’s still doing stuff?” To the latter, I can now say, “Yes, and his standup is damn good, believe it or not. I measure this by the amount of pain in my cheeks from laughing for an extended period of time.”  So, yeah, Pauly still has it even if the general public isn’t aware of it. He was honest, vulgar and had Iowa City perfectly pegged after wandering around the Ped Mall and chatting up the locals for a few hours before the show. Should this man come to town again, you should swallow your skepticism and just buy a ticket. Trust me.

His openers were pretty good, too, though comedy is certainly owned by those who have been doing it for a long time. Honorable shout-outs to his lead-ins,  Mike Koenig, Sandy Danto and Benji Aflalo.