Show Photos: Mumford's/Sam Locke Ward and the Boo Hoos 7" release party 11/12

I have a bunch of photos to crank out, so I have to go skimpy on my write-ups for now. I rarely photograph shows that I think won’t be very good, so you can bet that all of these bands are worth checking out, if you’re not already familiar with them. I am counting on you all do do the research. You won’t regret spending that extra few minutes online educating yourself on the musical richness that we are lucky enough to host.

For those of you that follow my blogs (are there any of you??) you know that these are two bands I really adore. It felt like an early Christmas present to get both bands on  one shiny piece if vinyl and see them get rowdy at the Blue Moose. They were joined by Omaha’s Bear Country and Iowa City’s own Wandering Bears.  The primary thing all these bands have in common is being catchy and danceable without being poppy and predictable.  From start to finish, this was a great show that had people up out of their seats and bouncing around. The Mumford’s will be back in town in the early part of December. Don’t miss them. Unless you hate music and fun. The Wandering Bears and the Boo Hoos are almost always popping up around town, much to my delight, so keep your eyes peeled. Enough chatter. Time for photos and the one video I had enough memory card space left to catch.


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