Show Photos: Firecracker 500 Garage Rock Festival, Day Two – 7/2/11

The second night of the Firecracker 500 was way less suffocating in terms of heat and the crowd, which made it significantly easier to get into the serious ear-pounding musical delights pouring from the speakers. I was able to make it to the Blue Moose for a few bands, wishing I had the energy and ability to stay for the whole damn shebang. For those of you who have been present for the entire festival, you have my respect. There has been a lot going on upstairs at the Moose, and all of it has been smooth as silk. The musicians, organizers and Blue Moose employees deserve a pat on the back for quick set changes, great sound and ice cold beverages all around.

Last night I was able to catch Super Sonic Piss (one of my local favs), Big Box, The People’s Temple and headliner, Paul Cary. At the end of the night, my weary bones even danced a bit.

Since tomorrow is a holiday and many of you do not have to work, you’d better get your ass down there tonight to catch the wrap up of this cornucopia of musical talent. Tonight you get Delvis, Lipstick Homicide, Surf Zombies, Wolf Wars, Liberty Leg, White Mystery and Strange Boys.

I’ll see you there.

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