Scott County Wrestling wishes everyone ‘Season’s Beatings’

Scott County Wrestling
Photo courtesy Scott County Wrestling

Season’s Beatings

Walcott Coliseum — Saturday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m.

This Saturday, in Walcott, Iowa, even local sports are getting into the holiday spirit! Scott County Wrestling (SCWPro) offers up a smash of a program: Season’s Beatings. All wrestlers are either students and graduates of The Black and the Brave Wrestling Academy or have been participating in this pageantry since the beginning. SCW wasn’t always “Scott County Wrestling” — the acronym originally stood for Steven & Chuck Wrestling, and started out as just friends wrestling in a barn (co-founder Steven Hulsing still wrestles for SCWPro as Steven Youngblood).

The school, and SCWPro, are the current passion projects of Colby Lopez, better known to pro wrestling fans as Seth Rollins, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, United States Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion. Lopez was one of the original group of wrestlers involved in those early days in the barn with Steve and Chuck. Marek Brave is the lead instructor at the school.

Established in 2003, SCWPro is the second-oldest of only five independent professional wrestling promotions in Iowa and (with two in Council Bluffs and two in Des Moines) the closest to the Iowa City area.

For those whose geekdom and love of wrestling intersect, it’s of interest to note that Rollins’ signature move is Avada Kedavra. Since he’s out for a while with a knee injury sustained back in November, now is the perfect time to find out exactly what Dark Arts the students at his school have been learning. Tickets are $8, and available at the door.

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