PS1’s ‘Sanstress’ project reminds us just how awesome it is to build things out of cardboard

Collaborative art and cardboard huts. What more could you ask for? — photo by Adam Burke

Public Space One (PS1) will send off its summer studio project “Sanstress” with a festive gathering this Saturday starting at 1 p.m. Sanstress is an artistic fortress composed of mostly cardboard and styrofoam cups that over half of a dozen local artists have been contributing to since the start of July.

The idea for the project came about in June as the PS1 off-season approached.

“We were going to use a couple things as our main medium — that is cardboard and these styrofoam cups we inherited,” said PS1 Director John Engelbrecht. “We were interested in the styrofoam cups because of their sound enhancing quality, and that’s what lead to the Sanstress Processor event,”

Sanstress Processor was a creative sound experiment that took place in late July, which involved artists collaboratively performing and recording music using (in-part) styrofoam cups to enhance and modify the sounds.

“The other part was just having a space where anyone can come in, see what’s built and then build something else out of cardboard,” said Engelbrecht.

The creations range from intricately drawn faces on cardboard pieces to a walk-in cardboard hut (because who doesn’t love a good cardboard fort every once in a while?).

Saturday’s event is the last chance to see this playful installation. Tea and cookies will be served.

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