Photos: Turnbuckle Comedy and Music Festival is a knockout

Diarrhea Planet performs in the barn at Codfish Hollow during the Turnbuckle Comedy and Music Festival. Friday, May 26, 2017. — photo by Zak Neumann.

Codfish Hollow has hosted countless notable indie bands in it’s 60+ year old barn since the first Barnstormers show in 2009. This past weekend the Hollow was taken over by the first ever Turnbuckle Comedy and Music Festival.

Over 30 local and nation comedians performed on two different stages over the course of two days including Nick Thune, Brody Stevens, Dan St. Germain and Kyle Kinane. Alongside all the laughs were rockers Harsh Times, Peak Physique, Diarrhea Planet, and Har Mar Superstar. As if that wasn’t enough entertainment. Scott County Wrestling held four matches to kick off the second day.

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