Photos: Take a day trip to F.W. Kent Park

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F. W. Kent Park is named for a Johnson County photographer. -- Photo by Britt Fowler

Located just three miles west of Tiffin on Highway 6, F.W. Kent Park encompasses 1,052 acres and includes a plethora of recreational opportunities, including 86 camp sites (with modern restrooms, shower facilities and playgrounds), fishing spots, trails, picnic shelters and more. The beach is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day (Sept. 7) and also overlooks the dam. The park is also home to the headquarters of the Johnson County Conservation Board and Conservation Education Center, as well as The Youth Group Camp, which is available for organized youth groups with day or overnight usage.


The High Truss Bridge is a highlight for park visitors. — photo by Britt Fowler

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3 thoughts on “Photos: Take a day trip to F.W. Kent Park

  1. Britt Fowler has captured the essence of Kent Park, my new favourite destination for swimming and running. The gravel path around the lake goes over all of the bridges and makes for a fascinating mile and a half of distraction. The rest of the park is a beautiful and longer run. The rolling terrain is reasonable. Biking from Iowa City on the trails and road is excellent other than the stretch from Coralridge Mall to Tipton. Hurry, Labor Day is just around the corner.

  2. Summer is a great time to hike or camp in the surrounding Cascade Mountains and foothills or take a guided white water rafting trip on the Wenatchee River. Winter is filled with activities such as dogsledding and sleigh rides.

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