Ped Mall protest: Community members to rally against police brutality

Ped Mall Protest
Iowa City plays host to a solidarity rally as protests in Ferguson, Missouri continue. — photo by Drew Bulman

Community members will gather on the Ped Mall tonight at 6:30 p.m. for a demonstration in support of the victims of police brutality.

The rally, organized by University of Iowa grad student Kayla Wheeler, will be held in solidarity with all victims of police harassment, with a focus on “the struggles unique to Black people as well as other people of colors, religious minorities, the TBLG community, and disabled people,” according to rally organizers.

The demonstration will include speeches, poetry and personal experience narratives from community members, as well as a donation drive. Organizers plan to collect non-perishable goods that will be delivered to Ferguson, Missouri — which has experienced daily unrest since the slaying of Michael Brown on Aug. 9 — and its surrounding areas.

According to rally organizers:

The goals of this rally are as follows: to stand in solidarity with victims of police abuse, including Michael Brown and John Crawford; to educate the Iowa City public about the racial profiling that is disproportionately directed towards Black and Brown people both in our city and across the nation; and to provide a platform of victims of police brutality to tell share their experiences.

A rally will also take place in Cedar Rapids on Sunday, Aug. 24 at Redmond Park. For more information about this event, see the official event page.

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