Particle brings ‘live-tronica’ to Gabe’s tonight

Particle w/ Duenday, Damn Juhl

Gabe’s — Thursday, Jan. 22 at 10 p.m.

Particle takes the stage at Gabe’s tonight, giving music fans a chance to check out a band that is as essential as gets for the growth and popularity of the “live-tronica” scene. Coming up with acts like STS9 and Disco Biscuits, Particle have long established themselves as a staple with the “festival kid” crowd, but their sound goes well beyond simple electronic and jam rock experimentation.

The band’s sets are jam groove embodied — you won’t find a harsh melody. Dismissing them as a modern day Phish or Grateful Dead incarnation would be an all-too-easy slight to their identity. Their experimentation across so many diverse genres of music (from jazz to rock to reggae to electronic dance and on and on) is a musical achievement of its own worthy of deeper consideration.

But Particle are indeed a jam band, so if that absolutely isn’t your thing, sorry, they won’t have the crossover appeal to sway you. However, those open-minded to put aside their jam-phobia will likely will find themselves impressed by the band’s well-honed musicianship.

Also on the bill are Minneapolis-based rap-meets-jam group Duenday and local bass music maven Damn Juhl. If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the jam side of electronic music before the festival season arrives, this is one of the better opportunities you could ask for.

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