Overheard at Mission Creek: Part two

Photo by Adrianne Behning

Overheard at Mission Creek is a selected list of Tweets-from-last-night. Each day we’ll take you through a collection of some of the things Iowa City folks have been Tweeting about the festival. Let’s continue!

You have to appreciate the people who get this started at four in the afternoon. Go Zoey!

Is that a challenge, Phil? That sounded like a challenge to me… oh it’s on. SEE YOU, LIKE, EVERYWHERE TONIGHT.

Gotta go with the Flyknit Trainers with Armani suit. No? Ok, sweatshirt.

In case you didn’t know, this won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance a couple months ago. Maybe you didn’t make it to Utah this year. Maybe you should have gone to Gabe’s?

Wonder what the trigger word was that warranted a patrol… ‘pussy’ or ‘riot’? Or maybe it was just to show solidarity with a feminist performance art punk collective.

Maybe you saw Jen Percy and Eileen Pollack last time they were through, maybe you didn’t. Either way, it was definitely worth checking out the reading at Prairie Lights.

Christopher the Conquered has a nice following in Iowa City and they were all delighted to hear some new arrangements to the classics. Overheard by one attendee who was new to CC… “wow, what a stage presence!”

“Dreamy” will be the theme tonight at the Yacht Club, and Mirror Coat started it off with the right amount of reflection.

Black Ocean, you are my hero. I’m averaging a whiskey every ten days.

Nothing sounds sweeter. Working 9 to 5 on a Gloomy Sunday in Our Town.

There was a special, quiet reverence hushed over The Mill tonight. It wasn’t the biggest crowd, but everyone really, really wanted to be there.

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You didn’t, Melody, don’t worry. (it’s cool guys, I use these creepy pickup lines on her at home too — they don’t work.)

We’re making laps between Gabe’s and Yacht Club! It’s a race between Dreamy and Screamy… who will win? WE ALL WILL WIN

Team Dreamy pulls out to a commanding lead. Catchy rhythms and sing-along melodies seem like a sure strategy.

Here comes Team Screamy! With a great start by Gluestick (under a brand new name we couldn’t quite make out) and Nerv, things are heating up!

It’s neck-and-neck as this luscious garage pop band with former Guided By Voices member puts on a beautiful show down at the Yacht. #dreamy

Oh shit! Team Screamy pulls ahead as Anna spits on a dude and shoves some bald guy out of her way!

Detective won’t give up. The fans are singing along and want more!

Late in the evening it’s White Lung for the photo finish! It’s too close to call! Judges?

DEFT knows what the hell is up.


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