Overheard at Mission Creek: Part four

Photo by Kent Williams
Photo by Kent Williams

Overheard at Mission Creek is a selected list of Tweets-from-last-night. Each day we’ll take you through a collection of some of the things Iowa City folks have been Tweeting about the festival. Let’s go, because there’s cake.

Maybe you didn’t notice, but everyone was really attractive at Mission Creek. That person over there you think isn’t hot? NOPE, SEXY

Killed in on air and at the Mill.

We’re gonna try some cocktails and pep talk tonight.

You shoulda’ seen the poets with hot pink tank top lit crawl shirts.

The Mission Creek lit crawl is basically church for us. The Word of the Matt.

‘Scuze me sir, I need to grab a jazz, funk, or soul album real quick.

There’s even Janeane Garofalo out there casually buying bead supplies.

You’d be surprised what the public library gets used for. Let’s just say rawk is up there for “one of the more appropriate things we’ve seen at ICPL” #read

OH: “wait, this is a SF thing?”

There is something incredibly adorable about Ian and Kembrew tweeting the exact same thing within 15 seconds of each other from slightly different spots at the Mill. The Pines were also adorable.

We were doing mad air backup vocals all night at the Blue Moose. Shoulda done a collab.

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I’ve got a headache for a couple of different reasons and this is one of them.

Mission Creek Friday is apparantly cover band night.

If you didn’t get some of this damn awesome Emperor’s Club cake then you missed out. Seriously, it was like my 10th birthday party all over again – ladies with cigarettes cutting a sheet cake for all the kids.

It’s also the convulsions the fire marshall was having about the “capacity” of the Blue Moose last night. Probably illegal and dangerous but what isn’t.

Pretty sure we heard a couple not on the list.

See you tonight at Killer Mike, Greg.

Josh wins Mission Creek.

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