Overheard at Mission Creek: Part one

photo by Adrianne Behning

Overheard at Mission Creek is a selected list of Tweets-from-last-night. Each day we’ll take you through a collection of some of the things Iowa City folks have been Tweeting about the festival. Let’s begin!


Takanami has you covered if you couldn’t get in for the Pavelka’s Point Iowa Pork Dinner with Wine Pairings over at the Motley Cow.

What a perfect way to start out the festival. “Fugazi covering the Rolling Stones” aka Gem Jones.

Even the sound checks were on point last night.

This is how we get the party started in a City of Literature.

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“My favorite time period was about 200 A.D., which was after the old Roman gods but before the idea of The Christ. It was a time when humans were alone on the Earth.”

All the stocking caps weren’t just affectations this year.

We like Logan because he’s got his priorities straight.

Logan is also a bit of a joker (or perhaps a budding anthropologist?)

Har-Di-Har was every bit as hilarious as they were talented musicians. Amazing music and funny too.

Iowa City and video art goes together like a double IPA with a currant scone. Or perhaps pork shank with a Pinot Noir. You could have had any of those pairing tonight at Mission Creek.

Oldsters keeping it together on a Tuesday night. Work meeting in the morning, y’all!

J Hook channels The Mill channeling Led Zeppelin and also points out what we all thought about The Mill last night.

Gabe’s had a chill, experimental science vibe all evening. We were willing test subjects.

Free-flowin’ groove thanks to Worrell over at the Yacht.

The crowd stayed friendly. As if a mutal love for Thao & The Get Down Stay Down was all that they needed to get through the night.

Let’s start a band called Mustaches.

Of the over 9,000 (this sounds right, right?) people crowded into The Mill, about 9,000 of them were madly in love with Thao.


Or perhaps college basketball NIT finalists?

Ours too, Alea. Ours too.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for another edition of Overheard at Mission Creek tomorrow.

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