#nineposts featuring the art of Juliette Enloe

#nineposts is a Little Village project featuring the work of area creators through the @littlevillagemag Instagram feed. This week we’ll be featuring work from our second #nineposts artist, Juliette Enloe.

Juliette Enloe in picture form and portrait form — photo by Juliette Enloe

Juliette, where does your appreciation for creation stem from?

I’ve been an artist my whole life but I picked up painting about 3 years ago and I’ve never found another medium that works better for what I want to share. I was born in France to two archaeologist parents. I was raised traveling between France and the United States, exploring caves and castles and cathedrals and ruins and museums. I think this is where my fascination with European art and ancient and archaic media stems from. I was able to return to France this summer to visit my family in Alsace and explore Paris. This is a work in progress of the view from my godmother’s window in the 6th arrondissement of Paris that I am painting for my father. I admire the technical precision and stoicism of classical painting but seek to advance it into the 21st century by depicting modern subjects and current moods by playing with color.

A work by Juliette Enloe in progress — photo by Juliette Enloe

Where do you create your work?

Here is my studio. I used to work in the University of Iowa painting studio, until I graduated and had to relocate to my garage. It’s been called “the most Iowa City thing ever.” It gets pretty cold in the winter but I have a few space heaters. It is so important for an artist to have a large space outside of their home to get into the creative zone. Also pictured is my best friend, roommate, soulmate, and as much as we hate the word and concept, muse, Taylor Hayes. Taylor has been my consistent source of support for almost 7 years and has been my model for countless drawings and paintings. I have them set up in my space in the way that I would to take reference photos. I arrange the lighting myself to cast the correct shadows and get my subject to glow.

Taylor Hayes inside Juliette Enloe’s studio — photo by Juliette Enloe

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your work?

This is a portrait of my friend Griffen. I think that the best way to explain my work is heavily inspired by the European Old Masters with a modern edge. I admire the technical precision and stoicism of classical painting but seek to advance it into the 21st century by depicting modern subjects and current moods by playing with color. I study art history at the University of Iowa, focusing European art from the middle ages to the 19th century. The more I learn about the different movements and traditions, the more it influences my work. When I took classes on the Dutch Golden Ages, my work reflected the somber tones of Rembrandt’s portraits. When I took classes on medieval art and Gothic architecture, I studied manuscripts and altarpieces and produced many of my own. Currently, I am taking classes on 19th century European art, covering Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Impressionism, and I feel my work fluctuating between the highly classicized style of the Napoleonic era and the freedom and expressiveness of the movements that came after.

painting of Griffen by Juliette Enloe — photo by Juliette Enloe

Visit the Little Village Instagram page this weekend for #nineposts from artist Juliette Enloe. Those interested in contributing to the #ninepost series may contact for details.

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