New Pi Co-op Café coming to the Coralville Public Library

The Coralville Public Library — photo by Zak Neumann

Visitors to the Coralville Public Library who are hungry for more than just knowledge will soon be able to snag a sweet roll or a salad, in addition to books and media. New Pioneer Food Co-op announced on Thursday it will be opening New Pi Co-op Café in the space at the library previously occupied by Caffe Crema.

According to a post on New Pi’s blog,

We’ll have your mid-library-visit snack-attack covered with our famous sandwiches and pastries, soups, salads, smoothies, and snacks — from organic fruit to granola bars, chips, kombuchas, juices, organic energy drinks, sodas, and coconut waters. It’ll also be the place to snag unique local treats like Noah’s Raw Paleo Chocolate Bars from Fairfield, IA, SoGo Grass Fed Beef Sticks from Decorah, IA, and bags of locally-roasted coffee beans from Wake Up Iowa of Iowa City.

The New Pioneer Food Co-op was founded in Iowa City in 1971, with a self-declared mission of “fully serving the needs of the natural products consumer.” It has expanded to include locations in Cedar Rapids and Coralville. The New Pi Co-op Café will be its first standalone location serving prepared meals and snacks.

No opening date has been announced for the cafe yet.

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