Music video premiere: ‘Grey’ by Trouble Lights

Some of the best pop music in Iowa comes from Fairfield. You know this, right?

Here to support this claim (which is, admittedly, my own) are Philip Rabalais and Adrien Daller, who together form the absurdly catchy electro pop group known as Trouble Lights. Today, the duo are debuting their music video for “Grey,” a track off their first full-length album, The Endless Prom, released in 2012 on Maximum Ames Records.

The video itself took a single day to shoot, and Rabalais spent about a week editing the footage together. For the eye-catching costumes, Trouble Lights turned to former Fairfield resident and current LA-based artist Allison Honeycutt.

“She did a series of these wearable art sculptures, and we thought they were really incredible,” said Daller. “[We were] talking about how we thought they were cool, and how they really fit with the trouble lights aesthetic. It just worked out over the holidays that Alison was back in Fairfield.”

The video, shot on both digital and analog cameras, features a surreal-looking Daller as she dances and pivots to a series of crossfades and juxtaposed close-ups.

“What I was thinking about while we were shooting the video was the idea of what people get up to behind closed doors — the different kinds of ways that people cope with their lives, or maybe the masks that they put on, or the ways that they hide,” Daller said. “I just wanted it to reflect the weirdness and difficulties of being a human, and being a normal person, and how none of it is actually normal.”

Many of Trouble Lights’ tracks have a driving beat, and the corresponding music videos are loaded with fast cuts and sudden scene changes. For “Grey,” the group wanted to take a steadier approach, creating a music video that “moves with the beat,” according to Daller.

“We wanted this to have a slower feel to it,” she added. “This song is definitely the closest thing we have to a ballad.”

Trouble Lights will be heading to Iowa City this April for what’s sure to be a visually stunning performance at the 2014 Mission Creek Festival.


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