Iowa City Weekender: March 25-27

You might not have noticed, but this weekend started early – here’s a recap of Wednesday’s very notable events: 4:00 – Gabe’s opens its doors under new ownership, with Craig back behind the bar! 5:00 – Unknown Component brings his heady rock to KRUI for Little Village Live (watch this space for video updates in […]

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Protesters Gather a Day Before Obama’s Visit

One day before President Barack Obama’s visit to Iowa City, “Stand Up for Freedom” organized a Pentracrest protest in opposition to the recently passed health care reform bill. (Photos and Video)

Obama will arrive in Iowa City this afternoon to discuss the health care reform legislation at the Field House. 750 tickets were distributed to the public earlier this week, although there were several thousand requests.


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The Way of Tack

Features: March 2010 – There’s a disconnect between meeting Tim Tack–an Iowa City hip hop producer and PATV’s Assistant Community Programmer–and seeing Tack Fu, his alter ego, host of channel 18’s “85 dB TV.” But not what you’d assume. The former brims over with outsized energy for his professions, which he takes very seriously. And […]

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'95 'TIL INFINITY: A Personal Narrative of Hip-Hop and Place in Iowa City

Features: March 2010 – Where they were from was just as important as what they were saying, almost from the beginning. To be down was to be in the house. Location in Iowa City was and is the same—while rappers can and will rap anywhere, and come and go, it is the places that get […]

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Prairie Pop: Musical Brew

Prairie Pop: March 2010 – With some musicians and bands, I form a kind of matrimonial bond (though because I like so many artists, that makes me a bit of a polygamist). Long-term fandom is like entering into a marital contract–where you’re with them until the bitter end, even if they get a little ugly […] […]

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Air Pirates

March 2010 – In 1990’s Pump Up the Volume, Christian Slater played Happy Harry Hard-on, a renegade pirate radio deejay who shocked and entertained his growing legion of listeners with R-rated language and intermittent moments of Was (Not Was) and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Broadcasting from an undisclosed location with his transmitter and voice […] […]

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Greatness Unbroken

Talking Movies: March 2010 – If you’re the kind of moviegoer who wishes you’d lived back when X was making movies (where X stands for your favorite great director), if like me you wish you had been there for the fresh projections of Godfather I rather than opening weekend of Godfather III–even if you’re simply […] […]

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