Mission Creek Festival announces ‘Circuit des Yeux’ as its next artist in residence

Photo courtesy of the Englert Theatre
Photo courtesy of the Englert Theatre

The Mission Creek Festival announced Friday that Chicago-based artist Haley Fohr, aka Circuit des Yeux, will be the next recipient of its artist residency program in collaboration with Flat Black Studios.

As with previous residents, Fohr will work with producer Luke Tweedy of Iowa City’s Flat Black Studios to record a new series of songs on Sept. 18-20, followed by a special performance at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe on Sept. 20 at 9 p.m.

Fohr, who performed earlier this year at Gabe’s as part of the 2014 Mission Creek Festival, began her Circuit des Yeux solo project in 2008 after dropping out of Purdue University.

“I was pent up because I was living at home and didn’t want to be, I had no direction in life and making music really helped me with it,” she told the Chicago Tribune. In the years since, Fohr has released a series of LPs, gaining prominence for her spacey, low-fi aesthetic and brooding voice.

Musicians who previously participated in the Mission Creek Artist Residency Program include Teaadora, who wrapped up her residency last winter, as well as Wet Hair, Dirty Beaches and Erase Errata.

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