Little Village magazine issue 272: Oct. 2-15, 2019

Little Village issue 272

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It was one of Cedar Rapids’ most persistent mysteries: Who murdered Michelle Martinko on Dec. 19, 1979? In the last year, thanks to advancements in DNA profiling, investigators have offered a credible answer to this question. But some of Martinko’s old Kennedy High classmates have mixed feelings ahead of the suspect’s trial. Also inside: Interviews with the “bookish” innovators of the D.C. punk scene (and their connection to Iowa), ahead of FilmScene’s special screening of the new documentary Punk the Capital. Read the winning essay from Iowa City Hospice’s 2019 Love Letters contest, following a family facing down Alzheimer’s and dementia. Plus: A review of Iowa City’s new Get Fresh Cafe; a poem about the complexity of belonging as a Latinx immigrant in Iowa; and advice for the marriage bed from Dear Kiki.

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