Little Village magazine issue 234: Jan. 3-16, 2018

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2018 Comics Issue: Letter from the Editor

It’s a tradition! Every January, Little Village ditches its faithful columnists to publish a picture book: our January Arts Issue.

As a bi-weekly magazine with a good-sized gap between the day we go to print and the day a new issue hits stands, we must approach our pages with some level of clairvoyance. So what better way to begin 2018 than by asking 12 local artists — some long-time, some first-time contributors — to predict the year ahead? Is January jinxed? How fucked is February? A little something to manage March if you know what I’m sayin’, and so on through December.

What glories and horrors await us in 2018, dear readers? I think the price of bananas will go up. Bell bottoms will surely dominate. My internet will be sloooooow. Winter will be warmer. Another handful of irreplaceable historic buildings will be leveled. And people will keep fighting, both for and against one another, in the name of what they think is right.

This magazine thrives on community. Your submissions, your contributions and your voices keep us alive and honest. This year, raise a glass, raise your voice, send a letter, draw a comic. Be your community. We are Little Village.

Predictions lie ahead.

Jordan Sellergren
guest editor, arts director

Featured artists: Adam Angstead, Lev Cantoral, Megan Creasey, Aaron Gillespie, Cheryl Graham, Jared Jewell, Shana Kaska, Ruben Lebron, Samuel Locke Ward, John Martinek, Rachel Marie-Crane Williams and Angie Zirbes.

  • 229

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