LV Recommends: Trumpet Blossom Café

Trumpet Blossom Cafe
Photo by Adam Burke

If you’re anything like me, you know there is no greater tradition than brunch. It’s the perfect midday gathering of friends to top off your weekend. You get a satisfying meal, drink(s) and above all: bacon. My friends and I were a perfect example one recent weekend. After visiting Trumpet Blossom Café and trying an assortment of items from the brunch menu, I was hooked.

Our party arrived around 11 a.m. on a brisk Sunday and was warmly acknowledged upon entering. The café is aesthetically pleasing, timeless and refined, carrying an artistic edge and a certain hipness. We sat ourselves and were quickly greeted by our server, clearly knowledgeable on the variety of organic ingredients. We started off with a cool Cobra Verde energy drink and ordered the Tempeh Reuben sandwich. Substituting out the traditional corned beef and Swiss cheese on rye, the sandwich comes on a lightly toasted whole wheat bread with savory tempeh, fresh onion, pickled cabbage and a house-made Thousand Island dressing. The tempeh provided the necessary flavor and substance of the Reuben sandwich to create an exemplary flavor for both meat and veggie eaters.

As a group we passed around our plates, sampling a bit of one another’s meals—which is how I found my true love in their daily special: a vegan BLT wrap. Yeah, you heard me. It’s made with coconut bacon (bacon made from coconuts!), tomato, lettuce and a maple-cayenne aioli, all packed into one mesmerizing wrap. The bacon tastes just like the real deal. Paired with the sweet ‘n’ spicy burn of the maple-cayenne aioli, it created a match made in a BLT-lover’s heaven.

A self-proclaimed carnivore, I have always found the vegan plates of Trumpet Blossom Café’s dinner to be outstanding and consistent, but the brunch menu was particularly more so for this enthusiast. With a vast array of cocktails, well-portioned appetizers, flavorsome entrées and delectable desserts (did I mention the cocktails?), Trumpet Blossom Café denies all of the pesky generalizations regarding the blandness of vegan cuisine. You’ve got no excuse not to dine here, vegan or not, because Trumpet Blossom Café will have something for you to enjoy.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 196.

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